hit it til it breaks

frustrated and in a rage after the last election, I decided that rather than leaving the country or refusing to speak to my Southern family, I was going to talk until their ears turned blue. I gathered up every family email address I could find, and I sent them a nice introductory letter and proceeded to bombard them almost daily with all manner of progressive/liberal/informative articles/cartoons/columns/whatever. This is the poorly updated archive of my exchanges with them.

Monday, November 21, 2005

"horny jerk off situation"

Gawker pointed me to this commentary (which you should go read) on an amusing tid-bit from an article on the collapse of the Iranian reform movement:

The Muk Report: Iranian Teens Going Blind

Seems all the young people wacking off too much because they have satellite tv. Whatever, great theory there, dude. I just really don't have anything to add other than laughing at the phrase "horny jerk off situation", which I feel fairly certain should have been hyphenated somewhere in there.