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frustrated and in a rage after the last election, I decided that rather than leaving the country or refusing to speak to my Southern family, I was going to talk until their ears turned blue. I gathered up every family email address I could find, and I sent them a nice introductory letter and proceeded to bombard them almost daily with all manner of progressive/liberal/informative articles/cartoons/columns/whatever. This is the poorly updated archive of my exchanges with them.

Friday, August 12, 2005

how I am going to proceed...

I have been lazy about posting all the forwards and correspondences with my family here. I have them all saved, but eight months of emailing and hundreds of correspondences arent going to be posted overnight. So I am gong to start with a few recent ones and move forward and try to keep it up to date and slowly start filling in the backlog. Eventually the full picture will be there and some of the comments by me or relatives may not make sense until then (some may never make sense).

I am removing other folks names and may do some minor editing but will indicate where I do.

I'll begin with an interesting exchange between my uncle and I over bashing liberals...


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