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frustrated and in a rage after the last election, I decided that rather than leaving the country or refusing to speak to my Southern family, I was going to talk until their ears turned blue. I gathered up every family email address I could find, and I sent them a nice introductory letter and proceeded to bombard them almost daily with all manner of progressive/liberal/informative articles/cartoons/columns/whatever. This is the poorly updated archive of my exchanges with them.

Friday, August 12, 2005

Re: ABOUT DO NOTHING CLINTON! - an exchange with my dad

I wasn't exactly sure how my angry missive would be recieved. My parents are reliably supportive and basically giggle at family controversy as long as no one gets hurt. Here's what my dad sent:

But, what about my big word allegation…?

Dan, are you just a little peeved?...well said, I might add…

Hang in there…

(end Dad)

to which I replied:

thanks, Dad.
Just a little peeved and I kind of really don't expect to get through to ___ or ___, but I have to send a few shots across the bow before he gets any more out of control. Kind of fun to grumble every now and then anyway.
And about your big word accusation, I looked back at what I forwarded and in fact, I did not use 'syllogism' it was in the quote from the article that I put in my diatribe, not my actually writing. I did have an editorial error, having quoted two paragraphs and only put quotation marks at the beginning of the first paragraph and the end of the second so it is easy to see how they could be overlooked.
But I do think you are right about one person using a word and then it getting picked up and used by everyone else. 'Paradigm shift' was a word which we used quite a bit in my science classes, but you do hear it everywhere now. The most annoying example of this that I can remember was on 9/11 when early in the morning, Dan Rather (I think) used the words 'dispicable' and 'dastardly' which when I first heard them, i thought of daffy duck and found them to be completely annoying words particularly when describing what they were describing. Apparently, I was alone in this. Suddenly everyone on every channel had picked up one or the other or both and were using them over and over again.
Should I start inserting outlandish words just to see if I can start making people in the family use them?

(end letter)

and he replied:

Did you hear my favorite news anchor died? Peter Jennings died from lung
cancer. Sad thing - a real pro at the news...saw a tribute to him, very

Glad to know you don't expect a change from uncle g-...if anything, the
letters might get bigger...

Well, I've found myself thinking syllogistic thoughts lately, maybe you are
already having an effect...maybe, I just invented a new word...we'll see if
you can refrain from using it...

I've finally reached balance in my menu...steak on one side of the plate and
steamed vegetables on the other side...I am achieving balance
finally...course, I'm going from that to my new desert sensation...almost
cooked chocolate chip cookies topped with french vanilla ice cream, with the
remainder of the cookies crumbled on top with whip cream and chocolate
drizzled over it all...


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